Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet one of our new friends....

Saturdays are fabulous!  We all love them, right?  It is an opportunity to wash the clothes that you wish you had clean to wear during the past week (I'm speaking from personal experience), take a nap, hang out with friends and family.... go SHOPPING!  Oh, and speaking of shopping.....let me introduce you to a new member of our Worlds Away litter.  This piece is not yet available but will be soon...again...I repeat....THIS PIECE IS NOT YET AVAILABLE BUT WILL BE SOON!  I know you're all going to want 1...or like me, both.

This is Jackson.  Jackson is named after our dearly beloved office golden retriever.  He's such an amazing dog.  So when this table was named, we knew it has to have a really important name!
And rightfully so...just like our Jackson with four legs, Jackson the dining table is the most beautiful dining table...EVER.  Okay so clearly I am biased, but come's a fabulous piece.

The Jackson table hosts multiple friends and is a table folks will want to gather around for the holidays and for parties!

Jackson G

Jackson S

The Jackson Dining Table, along with many other new friends,
 will be released during the summer of 2011! 

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  1. Love Jackson! Great looking table....welcome to your new addition!