Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Worlds Away According to: Caitlin Creer

Utah decorator and blogger Caitlin Creer of Caitlin Creer Interiors recently completed a home for a family of six using several Worlds Away pieces. She designed this family room, featuring our Big Sur 3-piece media cabinet in limed oak.

The fretwork door panels hide media components and wires while still allowing remote control signals to pass. Great style and great function in one!

Caitlin also used our Natalie Dresser in white as an entry console with tons of storage.

She's sophisticated and classic with a little sparkle, thanks to a beveled mirror top and those sleek acrylic knobs. We love how Caitlin incorporated our pieces into her designs! Check out Caitlin Creer's website for more of her work.
Want to share how you've used Worlds Away pieces in your designs? Contact worldsapart@worlds-away.com

Photos courtesy of Caitlin Creer

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Worlds Away will debut new items at the New York International Gift Fair this weekend, August 13-18. This trade-only show draws more than 35,000 attendees from around the country and the world. The Worlds Away team is hard at work setting up our space and looking forward to opening day!

Colorful Wangright, Chinright, Changright and Nightright tables at the Worlds Away booth at the January 2011 NYIGF

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Market in HOT-Lanta!

We're headed to market next week in Hot-Lanta!

Come visit us to see our new 2011 summer introductions,
including a new line of indoor/outdoor furniture.

240 Peachtree Street
Suite 13A1
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Ph: 404.584.2599
Fax: 404.584.6352

barkley lio

hampton indoor/outdoor bar cart

phillip mir desk

mark g with x stool

grace g with marble top

lamar g

P.S. Happy 10th anniversary to JDouglas!

Friday, July 8, 2011

a little pink in the face

Do you ever get a compliment that frankly makes you a little pink the cheeks? Doesn't happen often but today was one of those days. Pinkish hue, rosy glow. Such a treat for a Friday afternoon. Our friend Lisa at Hamptontoes has provided us with said shade of rouge to light up our day (pun intended).

These are a few of the pieces that Lisa showed in her post. 
And btw, the fixtures and lamps she picked are for sure some of my personal favorites. 
 If the saying hasn't been said I'll go on and say it, "so many fixtures, so few sockets!"



Clayton G

Thank you Lisa for the smiles. We greatly appreciate it!
Happy Friday y'all.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Shout out to Mably Handler

Hello and happy Thursday. 
It's really hard to believe that the week has already progressed to Thursday...as in the eve of Friday!
Which means, the weekend is almost here (again) how did that happen?

Today we'd like to give a shout out to our Quadro N, our Sophia S, and to our friends at Mably Handler.

photo: via Worlds Away
Quadro N

Photo: via Worlds Away
Sophia S

Photo: via Mably Handler

Thank you Mably Handler for your beautiful creation.
It's so cool to see how the pieces look once they leave the warehouse gates!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

August 15th


1. locate a 2011 calendar

2. turn to August

3. with a red pen, circle August 15th

4. get your purchase order form ready

5. On August 15 get up at the crack of dawn (as though
you are going to purchase an iphone for the first time)
and fax your order in for the new Worlds Away outdoor furniture line!

Sag Harbor
18“h x 20“w x 20“d

Winter Harbor
18“h x 45“w x 20“d

Hampton Bar Cart
28“h x 36“w x 22“d

The Powell is my pal.

Confession: I have been a fan of Worlds Away for quite a while.  LOOOONNG before I started working here. And yes, it was a dream come true when I was hired I to work here!

Back during my "fan" stage, the one I lived in before being in the "fan/employee" stage I'm currently floating in...One of my very first Worlds Away purchases was the Powell.

Powell 36
photo: HDW

Kids, let me tell you...if you don't have one of these you are really missing out because this guy is a show stopper.  End of story. You've probably been saying to yourself..."Oh I just don't have a place to put it..." or something like that to try to talk yourself out of buying one.  Well, this is a piece you find a place to put it.  You make room, you scoot other things out of the way. You hire two guys and a truck to move stuff out, you post other things on Craigslist. This guy does not disappoint! I mean...come on! Talk about tall drink of water!

This piece can be cast in so many roles.  Entry way, breakfast room, put two of them together with a rectangle piece of glass for a dining table or desk. I'm currently using it in my sunroom. The list of options for this flexible piece is endless. As is the list of chair styles you can put around it!

Powell 36

Do you know what's better than Powell 36?
Well maybe not better, but surely just as good...
The Powell 36's little sister!

Powell CF 36

While reading other design blogs this week, I discovered that the
Worlds Away Powell is growing a fan base (no pun intended).
Our friend over at THE GLAM LAMB loves the Powell too!
Check her out and tell her we said hello!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ask and you shall receive...Seek and you shall find

As the story goes, "ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you..."Yeah, yeah, sure, sure...right? Well it's true.  Today we received a lovely flush of visitors to our blog who sent us pictures of their Worlds Away pieces in their home.

Let us share that of Mod Frugal.  They sent us a lovely showing of their new dining room space with 3 of our pieces.  Cosmo the table, Mondo the lamp, and Vicki the mirror.

photos: Via Mod Frugal

Thank you to our new friends at ModFrugal for sharing with us and the Worlds Away fans! It's great to see these 3 kids have a good (and very beautiful) home! To view more of this dining room transition, click here.

The CHFAC3 and our new Tennessee friend.

As I mentioned in our last blog post (the one from Father's Day), if you share with us, we shall post!Today we are featuring our CHFAC3 Fixture along with a wonderful Tennessee Gal!

Via: Worlds Away

We received a lovely note from a former Memphian, remember we are in Memphis "y'all", who now lives in Nashville.  She is no stranger to the blog world and as it were you probably are already friends! But just in case, let us introduce our friend from My Interior Life. She shared a lovely post with us that exhibits our CHFAC3 fixture front and center in her dining room.

via: My Interior Life

We are so excited to meet you, make contact with you, and share your projects!
Many thanks, Kathy for sharing with us!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lots of Greek Key Action Going On

As many designers know, Greek Key is taking the field by storm.  It is popping up everywhere.  Fabrics, trim, artwork, carpet and rugs, and furniture.  We proudly have some of these beautiful Greek Key pieces in our inventory.  If you aren't familiar, let me introduce the Pagoda and her big sister the Wrenfield.

Pagoda WH
29“h x 24“w x 20“d

Pagoda Lio
29“h x 24“w x 20“d

Pagoda CH Cherry
29“h x 24“w x 20“d

Wrenfield WH
35“h x 45“l x 22“d

Wrenfield CH Cherry
35“h x 45“l x 22“d

Wrenfield Lio
35“h x 45“l x 22“d

We love these pieces of furniture!  
In the weeks to come you will be able to pick up a cousin to the Pagoda and Wrenfield.  
A yet to be named double wide dresser version!  And yes, it's HOT!

But for now... Here is a photo of our Wrenfield Wh via Little Green Notebook

Do you have photos of Worlds Away pieces in your house or from projects you've done? 
Would you like to have your project featured on our blog? 
Please send them to us, we love to see how you've used these beautiful pieces! 
Please email photos to hward@worlds-away.com!

Happy Sunday-Funday!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shout Outs!

Greetings cyber world!  It's another hot day in Memphis, a true mark that the summer has begun. 

Today we are proud to see our photos as featured through  6th Street Design School and Studio 10 -25

Ava NCH night stands

Chcapiz18 light fixture

Venus light fixture

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Meet one of our new friends....

Saturdays are fabulous!  We all love them, right?  It is an opportunity to wash the clothes that you wish you had clean to wear during the past week (I'm speaking from personal experience), take a nap, hang out with friends and family.... go SHOPPING!  Oh, and speaking of shopping.....let me introduce you to a new member of our Worlds Away litter.  This piece is not yet available but will be soon...again...I repeat....THIS PIECE IS NOT YET AVAILABLE BUT WILL BE SOON!  I know you're all going to want 1...or like me, both.

This is Jackson.  Jackson is named after our dearly beloved office golden retriever.  He's such an amazing dog.  So when this table was named, we knew it has to have a really important name!
And rightfully so...just like our Jackson with four legs, Jackson the dining table is the most beautiful dining table...EVER.  Okay so clearly I am biased, but come on...it's a fabulous piece.

The Jackson table hosts multiple friends and is a table folks will want to gather around for the holidays and for parties!

Jackson G

Jackson S

The Jackson Dining Table, along with many other new friends,
 will be released during the summer of 2011!