Friday, July 8, 2011

a little pink in the face

Do you ever get a compliment that frankly makes you a little pink the cheeks? Doesn't happen often but today was one of those days. Pinkish hue, rosy glow. Such a treat for a Friday afternoon. Our friend Lisa at Hamptontoes has provided us with said shade of rouge to light up our day (pun intended).

These are a few of the pieces that Lisa showed in her post. 
And btw, the fixtures and lamps she picked are for sure some of my personal favorites. 
 If the saying hasn't been said I'll go on and say it, "so many fixtures, so few sockets!"



Clayton G

Thank you Lisa for the smiles. We greatly appreciate it!
Happy Friday y'all.

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  1. Yes, all beautiful picks! Anything gold or Greek Key seals it!