Friday, April 29, 2011

Memphis in May cocktail table perhaps?

We are but days from one of the biggest months in Shelby County Tennessee, you guessed it...Memphis in May.  Memphis in May is internationally known for it's BBQ Festival.  We're talking serious BBQ folks, none of this pansy stuff.  Hard-Core-At-The-Finest! Now, the fest is known for other things such as Beale Street Music Fest, and other unofficial festivals like the Memphis Greek Fest., etc.

While talking about all the BBQ, the Greek food, the things comes to my mind. 
Cocktails.  All the way!

Question:And do you know what goes perfectly with a frosty cocktail?
Answer: A beautiful cocktail table!

Makes sense, right? I mean come on seriously, you've got to have a place next to your chair to sit your drink down!

Thse 4 tables are readily available in the Worlds Away buildling!  Come see us this weekend and pick some up! Happy Friday everybody!

Let's talk about Studs!

Today is a particularly good day to talk about studs. 

Now, as we all know, there are many ways to define what a stud is. 
Today, there are two such definitions I would like to discuss.

The first being, the man of the hour/day...Prince William himself.  I have grown up knowing exactly who he was, what he was doing, and seeing his face on every magazine and newspaper cover from here to Timbuktu.  Today, as the entire planet knows is his wedding day.  This morning millions of people around the world got themselves out of bed before the sun was up to watch him wed his college sweetheart, Katherine Middleton.  Were you up? I sure was.  I was standing like a fool infront of a 50" television taking pictures of the screen with my husband's iphone.  As dorky as that was, I am completely enamored with this happy moment in time, one that has given so many people a blast of positive energy.  Come on, who doesn't like a happy wedding?

A very 2011 engagement photo by none other than Mario Testino

That's happiness...there's no ands, ifs, of whats about it.

Prince William and Kate Middleton before their vows with Rowan, Archbishop of Canterburry

Now, off my soap box or as it would be at Worlds Away...Now, off my Cubo coffee table!


Moving right along to our second study display....

May I proudly intruduce our very own Worlds Away stud....the Studly.  Appropriately named, don't ya think?

Studly Black-also available in white
(This stud might be my very favorite piece at Worlds Away, and can you believe it...I don't own one!)

Studly DRB-also available in black

Studly JR in black

Studly Jr-White

I realize these are two different kinds of studs but at least the Worlds Away studs you can have sitting in your living room, your dining room, or better yet....right next to your bed!

Happy Wedding Day and God Save the Queen.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Available at Worlds Away

This may be the most stylist picture ever.  Don't you agree?

It makes you wonder...

What are they laughing about?
I wonder what this party was for?
OMG...look how cute their shoes are!
Are they even having a party, or are these peoeple just that stylish!?!?
I wonder where they are? I'd like my house to look like that!

I know you're probably thinking these exact same things...the reason I know...because I did too!

One thing I can for sure answer...let's talk about their shoes!

If you haven't already met, let me proudly introduce:

Question: Cutest thing you've ever seen?!?!? 

Answer: YES!

Here's the sitch with these sassy shoes. 
As it reads on their websight home page:

"Try a shoe that takes you from cobblestone to cocktails!" 

"The most comfortable, stylish, affordable, & versatile shoes you will ever own.  From Cobblestones to Cocktail parties, you can walk in these shoes all day and into the night."

Now available at Worlds Away in Memphis!

With an endorcement like that, who doesn't want 14 pairs of these shoes?

What more can we say? Well, except, you can pick up your pair(s) at Worlds Away in Memphis!

322 South Hollywood
Memphis, Tn 38104

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Shout out from Traditional Home Magazine

Cover: May 2011

A shout out to Traditional Home for displaying two of our
 dressers in their May 2011 edition of the magazine. 

photos: Via Traditional Home Magazine, May 2011

Photos from our Catalogue

Did you know we've moved?

Photo by: ALAN HOWELL, for Memphis Business Journal

Did you know that Worlds Away has moved? 
Say it isn't so folks, surely they're still in Memphis!?!
Yes, we are still in Memphis and now just blocks away from our former satellite location, 
Worlds Apart on Central.  Our new home is located at 322 S. Hollywood, just across the street (east) from the Liberty Bowl and the Memphis Children's Museum.  You can read more about our transition here.
Pictured above is the brains to the operation, the fearless leaders, the partners in crime, Bob Berry and Lucy Woodson.  Many thanks to the Memphis Business Journal for their wonderful story on our locally owned treasure. that you know where we are, you have no reason not to come see us!  And did I mention where we are located? That's 322 S. Hollywood, Midtown Memphis USA.  Be there or be totally square!