Friday, April 29, 2011

Memphis in May cocktail table perhaps?

We are but days from one of the biggest months in Shelby County Tennessee, you guessed it...Memphis in May.  Memphis in May is internationally known for it's BBQ Festival.  We're talking serious BBQ folks, none of this pansy stuff.  Hard-Core-At-The-Finest! Now, the fest is known for other things such as Beale Street Music Fest, and other unofficial festivals like the Memphis Greek Fest., etc.

While talking about all the BBQ, the Greek food, the things comes to my mind. 
Cocktails.  All the way!

Question:And do you know what goes perfectly with a frosty cocktail?
Answer: A beautiful cocktail table!

Makes sense, right? I mean come on seriously, you've got to have a place next to your chair to sit your drink down!

Thse 4 tables are readily available in the Worlds Away buildling!  Come see us this weekend and pick some up! Happy Friday everybody!

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