Friday, April 29, 2011

Let's talk about Studs!

Today is a particularly good day to talk about studs. 

Now, as we all know, there are many ways to define what a stud is. 
Today, there are two such definitions I would like to discuss.

The first being, the man of the hour/day...Prince William himself.  I have grown up knowing exactly who he was, what he was doing, and seeing his face on every magazine and newspaper cover from here to Timbuktu.  Today, as the entire planet knows is his wedding day.  This morning millions of people around the world got themselves out of bed before the sun was up to watch him wed his college sweetheart, Katherine Middleton.  Were you up? I sure was.  I was standing like a fool infront of a 50" television taking pictures of the screen with my husband's iphone.  As dorky as that was, I am completely enamored with this happy moment in time, one that has given so many people a blast of positive energy.  Come on, who doesn't like a happy wedding?

A very 2011 engagement photo by none other than Mario Testino

That's happiness...there's no ands, ifs, of whats about it.

Prince William and Kate Middleton before their vows with Rowan, Archbishop of Canterburry

Now, off my soap box or as it would be at Worlds Away...Now, off my Cubo coffee table!


Moving right along to our second study display....

May I proudly intruduce our very own Worlds Away stud....the Studly.  Appropriately named, don't ya think?

Studly Black-also available in white
(This stud might be my very favorite piece at Worlds Away, and can you believe it...I don't own one!)

Studly DRB-also available in black

Studly JR in black

Studly Jr-White

I realize these are two different kinds of studs but at least the Worlds Away studs you can have sitting in your living room, your dining room, or better yet....right next to your bed!

Happy Wedding Day and God Save the Queen.

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