Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Available at Worlds Away

This may be the most stylist picture ever.  Don't you agree?

It makes you wonder...

What are they laughing about?
I wonder what this party was for?
OMG...look how cute their shoes are!
Are they even having a party, or are these peoeple just that stylish!?!?
I wonder where they are? I'd like my house to look like that!

I know you're probably thinking these exact same things...the reason I know...because I did too!

One thing I can for sure answer...let's talk about their shoes!

If you haven't already met, let me proudly introduce:

Question: Cutest thing you've ever seen?!?!? 

Answer: YES!

Here's the sitch with these sassy shoes. 
As it reads on their websight home page:

"Try a shoe that takes you from cobblestone to cocktails!" 

"The most comfortable, stylish, affordable, & versatile shoes you will ever own.  From Cobblestones to Cocktail parties, you can walk in these shoes all day and into the night."

Now available at Worlds Away in Memphis!

With an endorcement like that, who doesn't want 14 pairs of these shoes?

What more can we say? Well, except, you can pick up your pair(s) at Worlds Away in Memphis!

322 South Hollywood
Memphis, Tn 38104

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