Tuesday, May 31, 2011

During the weekend...

Well, it seems like the official start of summer has been marked as we flew through the Memorial Day (long) weekend.  And today, as I sit down at my desk, I think to myself, "hmmm, it's summer".  Yes I know that the actual season change into summer isn't for a few more weeks but come on....teachers are out of school, the summer temperatures (at least here in Memphis) have spiked to nearly 100 and the pool is open! All of that equals, summer.

In the midst of thinking about the fact that summer has arrived, I also did  mental check list of what I did over the long weekend.  Really, it should have been a check list of what I didn't get done over the holiday weekend. Unless I can list naps, snacks and treats and things, hanging out with the hubbs and the kitty, and doing 1 (yes,only 1) complete load of laundry, I'm out of luck on said list.

So while I was super busy doing nothing over the holiday weekend, our friend Bryn from Isabella in Charlotte, North Carolina was busy doing all kinds of things like installing a Worlds Away Venus fixture in her entry way.

Is that great of what?  Totally great.  It makes me want to rush home tonight after work and reconfigure my own entry way!  Isn't design fantastic.

So...Shout out to Bryn and Isabella for posting about our Venus Fixture!

Happy Summer, kids! 

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