Thursday, May 12, 2011

Working Away @ Worlds Away

Things are progressing nicely at our new location on S. Hollywood. 

 In the past 6 weeks our building has been painted, new signage has gone up and more has been ordered, new exterior lighting has gone up, and the parking lot is cleaned up. 
All in all...I'd say there's no moss gathering over here on Hollywood.

Furniture pieces are rolling out of here like wildfire.  I'd make mention of the rolling river, but obviously this is not the week to talk about what's happening with the Mississippi River in Memphis (insert obvious frown).

New pieces in the outlet (as of last week), the family of Wangrights.  Don't they just scream from the top of their lungs, "I'M SO MUCH FUN?!" 

The problem we face is not where to put it, not will it match the rest of our furniture, not is it the right size, but... which color do we get. This piecse is way to fabulous to not have one, or all 5!

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