Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Memphis in our doorstep

Did you just say....."YUUUUMMMMM"?

Yes, that's what most folks do in Shelby County, Tennessee come mid May every year. 

They strap on the feed bag and chant in unison, or in
parts, just like a finely tuned choir....."YUUUMMM"!

In less than 10 days, the internationally known Memphis in May BBQ Festival will begin. 

For the past basquillion years the festival has been corraled in downtown Memphis at Tom Lee Park on the river...the mighty Mississippi.  This year....first the first time...hmmm...maybe EVER the festival has been moved to the newly decorated Tiger Lane due to the roaring hight of said river. FORTY-FIVE FEET! Yes kids, that's a lot of water, and all that goes with it!

As a result, this is where the BBQ Fest 2011 will be. Amongst the newly planned and planted University of Memphis Tiger Lane at The Liberty Bowl .
Do you see that big stadium in the back? See it? Yeah the big tall "thing" in th back.
As I mentioned it before, that's The Liberty Bowl...and guess what!?!

It is right across the street from our new building on S. Hollywood.

As we settle in to our new buildilng, thusly high stepping around our new floorplan, painting our new building and getting things organized, everything has been put into HIGH DRIVE as we prepare to have [practically] the world at our doorstep...And in our parking lot for that matter!

Let the BBQ begin!

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